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Wallpaper Swatch

Printing: Digitally printed by a family owned facility in Connecticut, USA. 

Minimum Order:  No order minimum on swatches.  5-yard minimum for bulk orders.  For orders under 15 yards, a $75 set up fee is included in the shipping cost.

Lead Time: Printed to order. Lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Swatch Size: 8" x 8"

Size: Swatch
Color: Bird Mosaic - Pink
Bird Mosaic - Pink
Bird Mosaic - Blue
Brick Arches Wallpaper - Rust
Brick Arches Wallpaper - Blue
Brick Arches Wallpaper - Oatmeal
Brick Arches Wallpaper - Black
Graphic Animal - Multi
Graphic Animal - Black
Graphic Animal - Rust
Graphic Animal Wallpaper - Pink
Half Moon - Black
Half Moon - Blue
Half Moon - Oatmeal
Half Moon - Pink
Tiny Bird - Rust
Tiny Bird - Multi
Uneven Bars - Pink
Uneven Bars - Black
Uneven Bars - Cream
Waterpaint Florals Large - Multi
Waterpaint Florals - Rust
Whispy Butterflies - Blue
Whispy Butterflies - Pink
Whispy Butterflies - Green
Whispy Butterflies - Yellow
Windy Floral - Blue
Windy Floral - Green

Consciously Designed For You

Wallborn Collective is inspired by nature within the world around us.

We believe in being environmentally conscious and doing our part to take special care of how and where our products are designed and produced. We hope to brighten your environment at home without harming the environment we all share.